2016 Art of Science

2014 Art of Science

For the 2014 Art of Science, I decided to update the branding to be more flexible across various sized applications. We also took a departure from the signature red in favor of a more vibrant purple, not unlike the bright colored dyes used to identify certain entities in microscopic imagery. 

the 2014 Art of Science featured art from 27 scientists and 27 artists

part of the 2014 update to the Art of Science branding was the addition of a tagline: "Exploring the beauty of science and the power of art."

2013 Art of Science

the logo for Art of Science 2013 is updated from 2012 with more sophisticated typography and a more playful shade of red—a change from the elegant but mature shade of maroon from 2012.

The 2013 Art of Science featured scientific imagery by 28 scientists & art from 29 artists.

2012 Art of Science

The 2012 Art of Science logo was a more refined and deliberate iteration of the original 2011 logo. The bright stencil red from 2011 was updated to a classier and more serious maroon on a gritty concrete texture, visually implying the maturation between years one and two of the project.