I was recruited to Evident.io as their sole designer back in 2013, when it was just a small tech start-up with a remote workforce about ten strong. I wore a lot of hats over the years, designing the many things a start-up with growing pains needs— promotional materials, social media graphics, print production, trade show signage, web dev on our early website, and marketing requests in addition to my duties working on the Product Design team refining the visual UI— but my favorite accomplishment is our library of badass swag (often art directed by our crazy-talented CEO Tim Prendergast).

Monsters of the Cloud

Monsters of the Cloud sticker series

The Monsters of the Cloud campaign came about (I believe) from a combination of Tim's active imagination and my instagram account. He'd been keeping tabs on a series of posters I do each year for the Time Warp Drive-In, and I think the monster movie night caught his eye. The rest is marketing department history.

Michaline Todd and her team put together concepts for these 4 monsters— all parodying classic monster movies, but all cleverly cloud-security related. It was an absolute dream working with Tim, Michaline, and the Evident marketing team on this!

Little Cloud of Horrors
Monsters of the Cloud (2017)


Don't Feed the Clouds!

Little Cloud of Horrors is based on Little Shop of Horrors, the famous off-Broadway musical comedy turned cult movie classic. In the film, a blood-thirsty venus flytrap named Audrey II grows exponentially larger by the day by gorging itself on people. We drew a parallel here between public cloud storage becoming bloated with old files, old data logs, and accounts from former employees. 

Jurassic Cloud
Monsters of the Cloud (2017)


Legacy Tools Have Survived!

For Jurassic Cloud, our intent was to draw attention to how rapidly cloud security tools are evolving— which means using legacy tools can be dangerous! To communicate this, I took the iconic logo from every khaki-short enthusiast's favorite movie, Jurassic Park, and reconstructed it out of pieces of obsolete tech. 

Auditor from the Black Lagoon
Monsters of the Cloud (2017)


Compliance Monsters Strike From Amazon's Depths!

Auditor from the Black Lagoon is a loving homage to one of my favorite classic movie monsters of all time—the Creature from the Black Lagoon. In this instance, we likened your Amazon Web Services account to a murky bog. Hopefully it's safe to swim, but without visibility, you're vulnerable! In real life, we mean no harm to auditors, but for companies who need to stay compliant, being unprepared for one could be a real horror.


Dawn of the Dead Accounts
Monsters of the Cloud (2017)

When There's No More Room in Hell, The Dead will Haunt Your Cloud! 

Remember how we talked about your cloud mutating into a giant beast if you keep feeding it data and never clean it up once in a while? Dawn of the Dead Accounts, parody of my favorite director George A. Romero's 1978 zombie classic Dawn of the Dead, is a cautionary tale. Clean up your old accounts— don't leave yourself vulnerable!