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I created the key art for the 2013-14 season at Opera Memphis, giving each opera its own visual identity rooted in its plot, while simultaneously uniting the three events as a series with a cohesive aesthetic. With this style, the Director and I strove for something bold and classic that would not shock the organization's older patrons, yet fresh enough to attract new, younger fans of opera. 

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Rigoletto is the tale of a deformed court jester and the beautiful daughter he tries to keep a secret from the world who is wooed by the Duke, and ultimately dies in the name of her forbidden love.

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The Mikado is a modern English opera set in Japan, making subversive anti-authoritarian commentary on the corrupt nature of bureaucracy, overshadowed by vibrant characters like Harijuku girls, sumo wrestlers, and Godzilla. 

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The Midtown Opera Festival is now in its second year, with three operas to offer–the Medium, Le 66, and the Impresario, as well as a local series, Ghosts of Crosstown, based on the lives of six people that worked in the now abandoned Sears Crosstown Building.