*Limited Edish* Overton Park shirts

Overton Park is a big, green breath of fresh air, in the middle of ever-evolving Midtown, just off the traffic-laden Poplar Avenue. Home to Memphis College of Art, the Brooks Museum, the Levitt Shell, the Memphis Zoo, and a big ass golf course, there's plenty to see and do within its borders.

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But the best part of the park to me, is the park itself. Overton has nature trails through the forest that seem like you're the only person for miles, green soft grass for laying yoga mats and blankets upon, and old tall trees that shade half the Greensward at the right time of day.


I designed these shirts to showcase my favorite aspect of the park—the stoic skyline of peaceful trees.

The designs were printed on adult and youth tees, and included as a 2014 perk of becoming a member of the Overton Park Conservancy.


Unused ideas along the way.

That Time I Illustrated Stoned Animals

Promotional coffee mugs for a pet sedative from Pfizer. I did the illustrations of the kitties and puppies contracted out by archer>malmo! Aren’t they cute?

I developed this series of vector illustrations for Archer>Malmo for their client Pfizer, they were used in promotional materials for a pet sedative. Art direction chose these specific dog and cat breeds because they are known for hyperactivity and/or agitation. My job was to illustrate each breed in a calm, docile... and highly-medicated moment.

Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 8.16.27 PM.png
Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 8.16.32 PM.png

One of several pages of initial sketches I sent to the art direction team at AM; supplemental breed photo reference provided by the team; finished illustration of the Bullmastiff breed of dog, who can be prone to anxiety, looking chill af.

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IMG_8276_kit open.jpg

Craig Brewer is a Really Nice Guy!

I designed this limited edition silkscreened art print for filmmaker Craig Brewer for the DVD release of his first feature film, The Poor & Hungry. He’s finally putting out all kinds of merch for his debut full-length (made way back in 2000) and he kindly commissioned me again! You might remember the poster I designed back in June for his short film, Clean Up In Booth B. —>

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 1.15.01 PM.png

Memphis Flyer Let Me and Ronnie Vandalize a Box!

I painted another Memphis Flyer box! This year I collaborated with my favorite type slayer Ronnie Lewis to design, cut and spray these huge 4 color stencils of the iconic grocer pig from the beloved (now locally extinct) chain of Piggly Wiggly stores–the first of which opened in 1916 right here in Memphis, TN. The box’s new permanent home is on Union Avenue at Cooper in front of Ike’s, and you can vote for ERF as your favorite and help us win 500 cash money dollars. 

Pugs, Puns, and Punk: This Is Somehow My Job

I often will spend a lot of time on a piece really perfecting it. Sometimes I look at the finished product and think, How the hell is this your job? Luckily, it's in the best possible way one could wonder such a thing.

I did this shirt design for Fat Sandwich Records in Birmingham, Alabama. They are a badass label/store with a stage and full-service barber shop inside. 

This shirt design was art directed by the owner, Daniel Drinkard. It's a parody of Minor Threat’s Out of Step album art. You can buy the shirt here!

Holtermonster x Live From Memphis

My first t-shirt for Live From Memphis! These bad boys are discharge printed (bleached & dyed into the fabric rather than printed with ink on top) and EDITIONED! That's right, there's only 100 and each one is numbered.

Source: http://livefrommemphis.com